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Jade Novah Shares Sneak Peek of Yardfest Set List And More

Jade Novah was a student at Kent State University when she first began uploading videos of singing celebrity covers to YouTube. In 2012, she became a viral sensation after her recreation of Rihanna’s “Diamonds’ circulated across social media, garnering 13 million views. She followed up with comedic skits and parodies that welcomed just as much success. Novah’s rise to social media superstardom led to invitations to sing background for artists including Monica, Rihanna and Beyoncé, who inspired her Keyonce Bowles character. An equally talented songwriter and musician, Novah will be taking her talents to One Yard this fall, where she’ll be headlining the YardFest concert.

We recently caught up with the songstress who shared the inspiration behind her setlist and the importance of continuing HBCU Homecoming traditions.

One Yard: Tell us about the set list for the Yardfest Concert. What was your inspiration for the songs “Cosmic Love,” “Somebody Son” and “I Wish.”

JN: I wanted to do some of my favorites from my last two projects. “Cosmic Love” is my absolute favorite song. It’s a little bit of a bop. I did all of these songs with my husband, Devin Johnson. It’s a celebration of Black Love and just highlighting some of my favorite songs.

“I Wish” specifically, I wrote this song before the shutdown and Corona and all the craziness that’s going on.

“Cosmic Love,” I wrote it about my husband. He produced it. I wrote it for him because [through] our experiences together, I found that there was so much power in our unity and us being connected. We were two individuals but when we came together it felt so unstoppable and it felt like we were operating on a higher level that I just hadn’t experienced individually.

‘Somebody Son” is also loosely based on our relationship. The album artwork is like an old picture of us from our first date we’ve been together for almost a decade so you already know I had the ‘bayang!’ I was at that point in my life where I knew exactly what I wanted and I was the initiator. I was the one who holla’ed at him so that’s kind of what the song is about just how we kind of came to be.

OY: What’s the most exciting thing about being a part of the One Yard festival?

JN: First of all, just celebrating blackness. I mentioned I went to Kent State but I wish I had known more about HBCUs at the time. I went to a school close to where I grew up and there weren't a lot of HBCUs around. I’m excited to give the information and to hopefully just change the narrative about it.

OY: Several prominent student athletes who attend PWIs decided to transfer to HBCUs following this year’s uprisings. What are your thoughts?

JN: I think it’s incredible. I think it’s really really important for us to support our own and to just build that network because I see now the benefits that some of my friends who attended HBCUs have. It’s like an eternal fraternity or sorority and that connection and that bond and being able to build with other Black people on this journey of life. It’s important.

OY: What do you think about platforms like One Yard, that are attempting to continue HBCU Homecoming traditions virtually?

JN: I think it’s necessary because we really don’t know what the future holds and it’s important for us to still honor those traditions and still celebrate life and all of the beautiful things regardless. I think it’s important, it’s necessary and it just might be the future.

Pull up to the Yardfest concert at 8pm EST on 9/25, here on

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